Meet #asiangirl, Lingping (ID: 506609)

Meet #asiangirl, Lingping (ID: 506609). She’s 5’5”, 103 lbs, & works in the Service Industry.

Her hobbies: “Well, the things I love most should be clothes, as I have a clothes store, so I like to design clothes, match clothes, love to go shopping also.

In my spare time, I also love to dance, love to travel, like to go to gym to stay slim.”

About her: “I am a very easy going girl. I like the simple style life, like to make everything as it is nature. In my opinion, the best way to enjoy life it just let it be its way.”

Ideal relationship: “I am here looking for a man, who is mature, know what is love, know what is responsibility, know what is life. I don’t mind if he is older than me or not, as long as he can enjoy the simple life with me.”

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Meet #asiangirl, Lingping (ID: 506609)

Meet #beautiful #asiangirl, Yihuan (ID: 506612)

Meet #beautiful #asiangirl, Yihuan (ID: 506612). She’s 5’4”, 110 lbs, & an Artist/Designer.

Her hobbies: “Beautiful as I am. I still lead a exquisite and quiet life. Sincerity is my unique label confidence be my shining clothes. This is your dream here, a transitional but elegant girl.”

About her: “I am a active, positive, honest girl who like life so much. I always keep my words, do not like to cheat and hurt others. A girl like me just wants to live a simple life.”

Ideal relationship: “I hope my husband can be honest like me, responsible, kind-hearted, obedience and have a heart full of sunshine.”

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elegant asian woman looking for an honest husband

Say hi to #asiangirl, Yukun (ID: 506626)

Say hi to #asiangirl, Yukun (ID: 506626). She’s 5’3”, 112 lbs.

Her hobbies: “I love traveling very much and I get addicted into it. I also love cooking and wish my lover can cook with me.”

About her: “I am a open-minded, active and easy-going sunshine girl. What I expect for life is to have a very sweet, happy and loving life.”

Ideal relationship: “Expectation: I hope that my man can respect me and understand me and be considerate to me. And I will also respect, understand him and be considerate to him. I wish he can also cook with me and we have fun and enjoy ourselves together. He must be mature and stable and be a loving person. He should have be good to his and our parents and does not look and be too fat.”

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Say hi to #sexy #asiangirl, Yukun (ID: 506626)

Meet #asiangirl, Qiuhua (ID: 793734)

Meet #asiangirl, Qiuhua (ID: 793734). She’s 5’6”, 112 lbs, and is a business owner.

Her hobbies: “I also like outdoor activity, seaside resting. I like animals, music, sport, traveling, dancing, reading books, cinema. and so on. I like to be outdoors with my friends and I like to make home comfort.”

About her: “I am easy-tempered, kind and have a great sense of humor and enjoy an active style of life.”

Ideal relationship: “I am looking for a loving, kind passionate man.”

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beautiful asian lady in pink looking for passionate man

How to Date Online

How to Date Online

by Nick DeGeorge

Begin at the Beginning

After completing the details to create a login, your first challenge is to complete a personal profile. In this process you should be as honest and sincere as possible. It is true we are are all tempted to cheat a bit on our age, weight, appearance, and even our photo — avoid the urge!  Features about yourself which can’t be changed will be revealed in time; demonstrate you are a gentleman who is honest and sincere.

As you are seeking a partner who is compatible and accepts your lifestyle, be direct about your hobbies, interests, and what you are seeking in a partner, ensuring that you attract women who suit you.

Purchase Credits

Select a membership which accommodates the level of activity you intend follow by purchasing at least the base level of recommended credits for you to explore the site.  Dating websites incur considerable expenses to provide you the selection, services, and technology you require; be appreciative of the level of effort involved for you to reach a potential partner in another country. The costs involved are quite reasonable when you consider just to view a movie and purchase popcorn and drinks for two people, it is thirty dollars plus.

purchase credits on Asian Girls Online dating website

Jumping In

Understanding the tools at your fingertips is an important part of online dating, so start to access the ladies who are online currently and initiate a chat.

asian girls online search gallery

Pop up boxes may also appear requesting a conversation and certainly if the lady appeals to you, then move forward to begin a chat. The online dating world is safe and secure, so begin your chat with a hello, while taking a moment to examine her profile page. In particular, note her location, age, hobbies, and goals. There are many beautiful faces, and the vetting process takes time. Keep in mind also you are not the only member and pretty faces attract other suitors, so if you are interested, let your lady know you are sincere by following up with an email message.

Matching to Your Desires

Asian Girls Online offers a matching service where a member can search their database for suitable partners based on a number of criteria. Once you have established the search, emails will be sent to you recommending suitable women. (Ensure your spam filter allows receipt of emails from the site).

advanced search options on asian girls online website

Countries of interest, ease of travel, English ability etc. are all categories that can be screened for you to narrow down your selection. As the selection of matches are considerable, use the star as a favorite feature to note women whom you desire to follow up with on a regular basis.

Send a Flirt or Arrange a Chat

As time differences can be twelve hours or more if a lady catches your eye, schedule a chat session with her, or start the relationship by sending a flirt message. A unique feature of Asian Girls Online, the flirt message is a friendly way to break the ice and attract a lady’s attention. Be certain to follow up your flirts up with an email with a warm greeting, establishing a basis for ongoing communication.

flirts feature on asian girls online dating website

That Special Lady

The fates are tricky, and you might find a special lady quickly, or it might take some effort, so do not be discouraged for this is a dating process. Interact with multiple ladies to increase your chances of meeting your life partner.attractive asian woman looking for to date white man

Asian women will not be impressed with boasts of wealth or your appearance, for they understand the internet can conceal reality. If you desire to pursue an individual lady, you will be judged by your sincerity and efforts. Employing frequent chats, video calls, emails, and sending her gifts, are all ways to exceed expectations.

On your own, read our blog and follow the tips to know the lady, her country, and culture. In your conversations, talk about her desires and goals she expects from a future relationship, while being knowledgeable about her life and interests. These small efforts will make all the difference until you meet in the future.


Take the first step to meeting a beautiful Asian woman, by signing up at

The Online Asian Dating Phenomenon

The Online Asian Dating Phenomenon

by Nick DeGeorge

Online Dating  

As we move into the Chinese New Year and examine our respective situations, we should be reminded of resolutions made to make changes to improve our lives — which should include dating. If you are missing that special someone, then perhaps it is time to take a look at Online Asian Dating.

Online dating was once shunned, as an act of the desperation, and is now main stream with ads from companies such as eHarmony or Match.Com appearing on prime time television. There are websites for just about every possible preference including dating Asian women.

"'Yellow fever' fetish: Why do so many white men want to date a Chinese woman?" article from the telegraph

According to the article “‘Yellow fever’ fetish: Why do so many white men want to date a Chinese woman?”, 2.4 million Facebook users are employing dating applications with a clear preference for dating women from East Asia. Tens of thousands of men have opted to try sites such as Asian Girls Online to explore if there is a better option than traditional dating in their home countries.

What is behind the Attraction for Asian Women?the asian mystique book cover

The article implies that Asian ladies are better lovers in popular culture than western women, however, this is a stereotype discussed in the book The Asian Mystique. Understandably, an exotic woman can have sex appeal for most men, yet this is not the driving power behind the dating trend. Why then are men seeking Asian women?

There are three primary reasons where an Asian Lady is preferred, in addition to their natural beauty; these are their attitudes toward age disparity, physical appearance, and family orientation.

Age Disparity 

We all understand in western society (unless we are celebrities) if we date a woman considerably younger than ourselves, it draws down ire from our family, colleagues, and society. In Asia these relationships are still quite common, as traditionally women were matched with the best families or providers without age as definitive criteria. Whereas our society punishes those who move outside the age appropriate dating pool, in countries such as China, the women focus on meeting successful men, valuing security and quality of life above romantic attraction with men of similar age.

A relationship formed on a practical foundation builds a strong foundation for the future. Therefore, it should not be surprising that the divorce rate is dramatically lower across Asia than it is in the United States and similar western cultures.

Physical Appearance

Commercial marketing bombards us each and every day brainwashing us that how we appear is who we actually are and that happiness is tied to our appearance. The need for the right image impacts on our society, by driving numerous negative side effects: from teen suicide rates, fad dieting, and an obsession with plastic surgery. Television parades dozens of reality shows all filled with these new beautiful people. Where can a normal man seek out an attractive partner without having to battle through these prejudices? The answer again is Asia.

We all acknowledge in the western culture, physical appearance rates on our list of desirable qualities, and dating sites do push those attributes, yet what about the lady? Asian women overall do not rank the trait as highly on their list of desirable qualities, instead valuing a man’s career, financial success, and education.

Devotion to Family

It is difficult to appreciate what it is like being raised in a group culture. The Asian woman’s traditional devotion to family is unmatched, and there are various reasons. In the USA for instance, our parents can rely on social security, pensions, and 401k plans which do not exist in many Asian countries such as China. It is not in dispute whether in our culture children love their parents, yet it is hard to believe young people today forgoing their own lives to quit school and work for the good of the family. How many children in America would accept a stranger as their husband because their parents selected them?

This intrinsic duty to family and then to marriage is perhaps the primary reason why more men than ever are abandoning the spoiled women of their culture to seek out a partner who will be at their side going forward.

Things to Rememberthe world of suzie wong story

Engaging in a cross continent relationship is an extraordinary undertaking with both its joys and frustrations. It does mean traveling overseas, dealing with a mountain of government paperwork, and a significant financial investment — are you prepared?

Online Asian dating provides that second chance to have the loving partner. It is also an adventure in every sense which will provide once in a lifetime experiences. Explore the possibilities, for the love of your life can be just one click away.

Sign up today at to get started!

Meet #asiangirl, Liqin (ID: 513103)

Meet #asiangirl, Liqin (ID: 513103). She’s 5’4”, 110 lbs, and works in Sales.

Her hobbies: “I like music, dancing, hiking, and making friends. When I am at home, I like reading.”

About her: “I am Qin, an outgoing and optimistic girl. I love nature and long for lovely peaceful life but also long for adventurous life.

I am also active and open-minded, want to learn many new things. I think I am kind with pure heart.”

Ideal relationship: “I want to find him soon and long for an intimate relationship with some one special, especially at my age.
I hope he is kind, mature and love to explore new life with me.”

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lovely chinese woman in pink dress looking for marriage

Meet #asiangirl, Zhizhen (ID: 512114)

Meet #asiangirl, Zhizhen (ID: 512114). She’s 5’6”, 114 lbs, and works in advertising.

Her hobbies: “I like singing and outdoors. I also like dancing. At my free time, I would like have a walk in the park or climb the mountains, I think it make my heart clear.”

About her: “I am an optimistic and passionate girl, also out-going. I’m tall and slim, my skin is very smooth and fair.”

Ideal relationship: “If you are a man who is healthy, ambitious, polite, gentle and have a steady job, lets walk our life road together, hand in hand, and have our own romance.”

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pretty asian bride looking for love

Say hi to #asiangirl, Qinglei (ID: 512952)

Say hi to #asiangirl, Qinglei (ID: 512952). She’s 5’3”, 101 lbs, and a teacher.

Her hobbies: “I like freedom. In my spare time, I will be on the Internet at home, and do some housework. Sometime I would like to go shopping with my friends in the weekend. I am an easy-going girl.”

About her: “Traveling and music are my favorite. A simple and cute girl. Sometimes very naughty, haha. I also love outdoor activities.”

Are you a mature, responsible, & family oriented man? This is what Qinglei is seeking, and you just may be the one for her! Chat with her @

pretty asian lady smiling in yellow dress


Meet #asiangirl, Jiajia (ID: 512418)

Meet #asiangirl, Jiajia (ID: 512418).

About her: “I am a hot and open-minded lady with a kind-hearted, naive optimistic personality.”

Ideal relationship: “I hope my future lover to be mature, modest, and enterprising-oriented you should not be selfish and stingy.”

Don’t be shy – say hello to hot Jiajia @